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Gaya Café is located in Salak Phet, Koh Chang, Thailand.  Koh Chang occupies 212 square km and is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket. Koh Chang means ‘Elephant Island’ which derives from its elephant-shaped headland. We are in the south of the island which is known as Koh Chang Tai.

In the Sleepover! dorms you’ll find clean and comfortable accomdation.  Fast WIFI, AC, shampoo and soap is provided free of charge.  Each bed has privacy curtains and we have quiet time from 10pm each night.  We aim to provide a nice experience for those on a budget.

At Sleepover you will enjoy unobstructed views of nature and at the rear a beautiful klong (river).  Often there is the melodic sound of frogs.  Coconut palms, papaya and banana all grow on the property.

In harmony with nature we aim to use many natural materials and ingredients.  Plastic straws are a big no no and we do not offer takeaway to avoid trash.  You will find organic coffees and many locally sourced ingredients such as eggs, papaya, passion fruit and coconut oil.

Salak Phet is well known for fruit and produce.  Here we can see our local Papaya which is sweet and delicious.  Especially famous is Koh Chang Durian which is seasonal and in great demand from folks all over Thailand.

Gaya café offers all kinds of refreshments, some you won’t find anywhere else.  As well as quality coffee drinks we offer matcha, electrolyte lemonade and fruit smoothies.  Many of our ingredients are sourced locally and are loaded with goodness.


Enjoying a drink between customers, my name is Panisa the owner of Gaya Café and Sleepover! Hostel.  Both my parents live locally, my Thai mother owns the boutique home-stay Baan Yemaya and my English father has a 4 rai permaculture farm.

We are avid gardeners here at Sleepover! We love to surround ourselves with soothing plants, orchids and trees.  We even grow our own papaya, coconut and bananas.

We are surrounded by pristine nature.  Here we can see the 744m Khao Laem mountain in the background.  If you are feeling strong there is a weekly group hiking group which goes ot the top.  Ask us how to join!

A big part of Thai style is working with natural elements.  Often Thai’s wrap their food with a simple banana leaf or bring the elements of outdoors inside. In Salak Phet you’ll notice that people like growing and gardening, often growing Thai herbs or fruit trees

Places of interest close to

Gaya Cafe & Sleepover Hostel

Wai Chaek Beach is a remote and special place.  Mostly people come by boat, but from Sleepover it is accessible by bike or on foot.  On the way you’ll travel through the the Koh Chang national park and enjoy the sounds of nature.  Did you know there are some 61 bird species on the island? 

Wai Chaek Beach lagoon, warm salty water meets cold river water creating a sublime swimming experience. A nice side trip on foot or motorbike from Sleepover!

Walk or take a short ride to Kiri Phet waterfall from Sleepover.  This waterfall has natural swimming baths carved out of the rock and is the perfect place to cool off and enjoy nature.  There is no fee for this waterfall 😉

The popular Mangrove Walkway located close to Sleepover and Gaya Café.  This is a firm favourite with Instgrammers and is best enjoyed at sunrise or sunset for the best shots.

Koh Chang is part of an archipelago of 52 islands and some of them are easily accessable by Kayak.  You may rent one in Salak Phet and explore not only the islands but the fresh water klongs or canals.

Wat Salak Phet is Koh Chang’s oldest and most important temple.

The pace here on the island is laid back and you’ll rarely see people checking their cell phones.  We like it that way, as it gives us more time to appreciate the natural beauty of where we live.

Salak Phet is primairly a fishing and farming area.  Here you will find Thai traditions very much alive.  Durian farms are everywhere and should you visit in August, you’ll get to taste the best Durian in Thailand.

Early morning view from Baan Yemaya located in the Salak Phet fisherman’s village.  Come stay with us and experince the magic of a Salak Phet sunrise 😉

The saddest part of visiting Koh Chang is leaving Koh Chang.   We will always be here to welcome you back 😉 Happy travels.

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